Brain Injury Association of Austin

Our History

Our chapter started in the early 1980s by families with individuals with a brain injury, and was expanded by professionals helping build the chapter. We started small meetings in a library, and ended up building to the point where the group was so loud, the needed another location. The organization met in several other locations until Charlene Crump offered a place at her facility, Mary Lee Foundation. Our chapter has been led by survivors, family members and professionals in the field since the beginning. We now meet on the first Tuesday of every month (save holidays) at Mary Lee.

Our chapter has been involved with many fundraising events for disabilities, brain injury awareness, and even published a cookbook that was the idea of a brain injury survivor. We also participate in conferences  and continue to encourage spreading awareness.

Board Members

Elizabeth Morris – President

Leming Xu – President Elect

Brian Audette – Secretary

Jessica Fausak – Treasurer

Bonny Lancaster

Lee Lancaster

Duane Lancaster

Glen Johnson

Charlene Crump

David Smith

Carolyn Widen

Paul  Lababera

Picture of Board Members